This website is an informational website designed to give you a brief ooverview of Java, Python and C++ (called C-plusplus). It will provide mostly some history of each and some of the Pros and Cons of each.

Poularity of Each

Programming Languages
To give a little background on the popularity of each of the mentioned programming languages this shows eaches uses worldwide as a percentage. Included in this list are other popular languages that aren't discussed in detail in this website

  1. Java: 13.774%
  2. C: 7.321%
  3. C++: 5.576%
  4. Python: 3.543%
  5. C#: 3.518%
  6. PHP: 3.093%
  7. Visual Basic .NET: 3.050%
  8. JavaScript: 2.606%
  9. Delphi/Object Pascal: 2.490%
  10. Go: 2.363%