The Gaming market has been evolving ever since the early 1900's, starting in 1940. Throughout most of this time, advancements were really only made in the field of gaming consoles, with PC gaming making slow and painful adjustments. A company known as Valve Corporation took PC gaming in to its own hands as it paved the way for online, fast paced development for games and a self-servicing client that is still being improved and implemented till this day. The Development of the steam system began in 2002, with its beta client hosting between 80,000 and 300,000 players beginning on September 11, 2003. Valve's Steam has become the number one PC gaming program to use for most AAA gaming titles released to the public. For more information on the in-depth history of Steam and more, access the technical brief above. If you would like to see a brief summary of what is known today as semantic markup, then click the tab! Finally, for any references on the information provided, you can find our sources there as well. Thank you!

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