It was in 1940 when first ever gaming system was introduced to our world by Dr.Edward Uhler Condon. This game was just based on mathematical game of Nim and was only played by handful of people. The very first game system for commerical home as released in 1967 by Ralph Baer called the Brown Box. The Brown Box was a vacuum tube-circuit that was connected to a television set allowing two users to control cubes to play each other on the screen. The Brown Box consisted of variety of games such as ping pong, checkers, and other simple sport games. From there on other companies developed their own gaming systems and improved every decade. The 2000s in gaming system was when company such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft started to emerged as top gaming system companies in the world. Ever since then, these companies have competed against each other in making the perfect gaming systems and creating all kind of games for the gamers in order to stay at the top of the gaming world. In today's society, gaming has becomee so big that these companies have to constantly improve and develop new content in order to stay competitive with other companies. Today, the top gaming systems are PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Will U, and Computing Gaming (Steam).

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