In the past few years we've seen many signigicant technological advancements in the world. Technology has developed furhter in terms of availability, efficiency, and ease of use. Smartphones are one of the most strongest markets in the economy.

What are Smartphones? The term smartphone was introduced in the market, referring to new class of mobile phones that ptovides a compilation of services ranging from communication, computing and mobile sectors including voice communication and messaging to personal information management applications and wireless communication capability.

A Brief Overview of Smartphones

Smartphones that are owned today have been around since 2008 when Apple introduced the smartphone in the mass consumer market, but the smartphone has actually been in the market since 1993 when IBM released The Simon. The difference between a smartphone user today and a smartphone user over two decades ago, is that smartphones were mainly geated for work purposes and those kind of phones were affordable for the everyday user.

As mentioned before, IBM's Simon was brought out to the public during the early stages of smartphones which was moreover known as the first phase. In 2003, the Blackberry was introduced to the public as well and included many features such as Email, Internet, Fax, Web browsing, and Camera. A few years later, a major breakthrough in the smartphone market occurred with the release of the Apple IPhone.

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