Social Media!


What is Social Media

Social Media is defined as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. It's such an important time in history for social media because everyone is using it. Most people see social media as just the apps on their phones, (such as Twitter and SnapChat) but it's really a communication tool that started with computers.It's a way for people to connect, learn about whats going on in the world, and communicate to people as quick as possible. Social media is a huge platform that makes lots of money because of the amount of people who use it and the advertisement companies are deciding to put on these sites. One of the biggest questions people always ask is "How do Social Media sites make their money?" That's a very logical question to ask since most sites are free of charge and this will be explained in the Tech Brief.

History of Social Media

Social Media first showed up in 1997 with a website called Six Degrees. This wasn't too long after World Wide Web went live, which was in the early 1990s. Six Degrees allowed users to create profiles and then friend other users as well. From Six Degrees, the Internet moved into the wave of blogging and instant messaging. The first social media surge seen was MySpace in 2003. It was similar to Six Degrees as in people could set up a profile and make friends. Not long after that is when social media really made an impact and created a new way for people to communicate quickly and share things with people in other parts of the world. MySpace is said to be the stepping stone to all the popular social media sites/apps that are out now.