Gaming Systems

Gaming Systems

Life is a Game.


Microsoft has created one of the world's most popular gaming systems in the Xbox series. These systems were originally created in November of 2001 with the original Xbox. One year later in 2002 Microsoft launched Xbox Live which is a way to connect everyone who uses the system with one another online through party chats and playing the games together with people from around the world. In 2005 the next system was released and is better known as the Xbox 360 which brough the first wireless controller of the series with it. Two yearslater Microsoft launced an updated version of the 360 called the Xbox Elite whichn was jsut a smoother, faster and more visually appealing version of the previous system. The next system to be released was the Xbox 360s which officially brought out the Kinect which let gamers become the controller with full body, face, and voice control. In 2013 Microsoft launced the Xbox One which revolutionized the gaming industry by letting the gaming system also serve as a cable box to be able towatch TV on. Finally. Microsoft just released the most updated version in the Xbox series called the Xbox One X. This system is being called the "World's Most powerful console" not only that but now the new console has full 4k gaming capabilities..


Sony Entertainment is best known for their widely popular gaming system series called PlayStation. While there have been many different variations of the PlayStation, the first one was released in 1994. This system was revolutionary to teh gaming world. Not only did Sony introduce the CD insteadof the more commonly used game cartrage but the PlayStation 1 was also thefirst console to sell 100 Million units worldwide. Six years later Sony released the PlayStation 2 which became the fastest console to sell 100 million units worldwide in a time of 5 years and 9 months. The PS2 was so popular that every 1 in 5 homes across Europe owned one. Three years after the release of the Ps2 Sony introduced a Network Adapter for online gaming which lets gamers from across the world communicate and play with one another on the same platform. In 2005 Sony Announced the PS3 and the Portable PlayStation better known as the PSP. The PS3 was the first of its kind to have a Blue-Ray Cd player installed into the system and to have the new update wireless controller that contained 6 axis of tracked movement. After an 8-year break from making systems Sony dropped their most advanced and fastest system yet. The PS4 had such an impact on the gaming world it made many people make the switch from Xbox to Playstation due to its processor, graphics, and games only offered by the Playstation that were extremely popular. Not only that but Sony decided to enhance the experience by allowing the system to send gameplay to Smartphones/Tablets as second screens.


Nintendo gaming systems have been around longer than any other gaming system series and still to this day are created more advanced consoles. The first of many was the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986 followed by the first portable gaming system called the Game Boy. After these releases Nintendo released the Nintendo 64 which was the most popular gaming system ofits time. Enter into the 2000's and Nintendo really tried to go more toward the portable gaming systems because it was so unique and they were the only ones doing it at the time. Ranging form the Game Boy Advance to their best-selling product of all time the Nintendo DS. The DS which stands for "Dual Screen" lets you play the game on the top screen and at the same time be able to interact with the game in a way never done before with the touch screenwhich is located under the main screen. The Gamecube was one of the household consoles released by Nintendo in the 2000's back in 2002. followed by the Wii whihc was released along with the DS Lite. Following the release of the Wii which performed very well Nintendo went on to enhance that console and created the Wii U which offered the user to not only be able to hook the system into the TV and play at home but also be able to control the system with a portable tablet and use that as the controller. Most recently Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch which allows the user to play like its a normal in home console but if you attach thecontrollers onto the sides of the tablet that is connected to the console itself you can take your gaming experience on the go with handheld controllers wherever you want to go.`

Tech Brief

Gaming systems are also known as a video game console which are electronic, digital or computer device that outputs a video signal or visual image to display a video game that one or more people can play. There are various types of video game consoles, including home video game consoles, handheld game consoles, microconsoles and dedicated consoles. Although Ralph Baer had built working game consoles by 1966, it was nearly a decade before the Pong game made them commonplace in regular people's living rooms. Through evolution over the 1990s and 2000s, game consoles have expanded to offer additional functions such as CD players, DVD players, Blu-ray disc players, web browsers, set-top boxes and more.

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