Software as a Service

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Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution or licensing model in which a third-party provider hosts the application on their server and makes them available others over the internet. It is one of the main categories of cloud computing. It is a pretty easy to understand concept and it works well because most of the work is done in the cloud and a graphic user interface is provided to the user. This means you do not need a powerful device to use powerful applications. Since the application is centrally hosted it comes with a lot of advantages such as update control, accessibility, budget control and so on. Security however is a major concern and disadvantage of SaaS.A great tool that SaaS has enabled us to harness is collaborative functionality. many SaaS applications offer features that let its users collaborate and share information. With increased internet speeds and accessibility software can be distributed and made available more efficiently using the SaaS model.

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