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Everyone has at least played on a video game console if not owned one. There has been hundreds of different consoles that have came out over the past 50 years. If you are interested in the history of consoles and how far they've developed over the years, I'd recomend checking out the Tech Brief page. While portabe consoles do exist and have been very popular throughout time, I will be focusing on the type of consoles you plug into a TV.

You may think PC gaming is a new invention, however it has been around for a lot longer than you think. Check out the Tech Brief page to find out exactly how long! PC gaming has been rapidly gaining popularity recently though. Many people are starting to build their own PCs so it can meet to the specifications they want when they are using it to game.

Pros and Cons of Each

A pro of consoles are that they are always cheaper than PCs. Consoles go for $400-$500 max and that is only when they have just recently been released to the market and they are brand new. There are ways to save money when trying to PC game, like building your own PC by buying all of the necassary parts, but even then the prices don't come close. Consoles are also a lot simpilar to use, so kids can use them without a problem. Lastly, mulitiplayer is superior on consoles when compared to PCs. You can easily just connect to controllers to the consoles and play with your friends while on the same couch.

PC also has its advantages though. There are a lot more games available on PCs than on consoles. Not only are there more games, but you can modify games too. Whether you want to add a new customized map, or change the look of some of your favorite characters, you can do it all with mods. Since PCs are more expensive you pay for what you get. By that I mean, the graphics and processors in PCs are wau superior when compared to consoles. Since technology is always updating, the tech you own will always quickly become old news. With PCs you can simply buy the new tech and replace your old tech with it. However, on consoles, you would have to replace the entire console.