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Enterprise Resource Management


Most Recent Trends & Technologies

Take a look at whats going on in ERP

ERP software has continued to grow and be used in more and more areas of business. What started as a large scale software type has grown to be highly scalable, efficiently running software type.Today one of the hottest emerging forms of ERP is Mobile ERP. Some ERP solutions now give users the capability to access their system on mobile devices including iOS, Andriod and Windows phones. While the ERP application is availible, it is really only a watered down version of a fully fledged ERP.

Another trend gaining a lot of popularity is Social ERP. It is referred to as ERP 2.0 in the industry and it basically takes the development of social media in today's culture and wraps them up into ERP. For example people's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are hubs of data that apply to a particular user's life. ERP 2.0 takes information and posts it into its system. This practice can lead to the leveraging online customer engagement, brand mentions, public data, friend network and likes and shares to gain tacit customer knowledge.

Basic Uses

How its used.

While ERP can be a very complex topic to learn or speak about, the simplest thing to explain would be the basic uses for ERP. ERP is enterprise software. What that means specifically is, that it was developed in order to work hand and hand with big business. The easiest way to highlight uses of ERP is in example form.

In any business there are elements that need to be monitored, analyed and maintained. For example if a company relies heavily on distribution and shipping an ERP could handle the functionality of organizing and optimizing an inventory system. The same could be said for a heavy retail business. Simply put ERP has many uses but its uses revolve around the different facets of businesses.

Hopefully this has shed some light on ERP:

Market Share

Market Share and Popularity Breakdown

Popularity Rankings are as follows:


Market Share

Although Epicor and Infor are ranked at the top of the list in terms of hottest ERP systems they aren't the solutions that are dominating the landscape in terms of marketshare. SAP and Oracle are the oldest and moe proven systems on the market. In termsof business and technology sometimes longevity trumps how hot a product might be. Here is the breakdown:

SAP: Market Share 20.3%
Oracle: Market Share 13.9%
Microsoft Dynamics 365: Market Share 9.4%