As the presence of technology increases in modern day lifestyles, the need for organization and content filtering online is a must. Today, search engines are used widely throughout the world for queries simple and complex alike. Search engines have taken themselves to a new level by providing differentiated services, electronic devices, and reliability. Google has been at the top of the search engine market for the past couple of years and continues its success by expanding its reach to almost everything technology related. Google has developed applications, phones, software, self-driving cars, and even intelligence assitants. Google dominates the search engine industry and is looking to dominate the constantly evolving technology industry.

Google is the most frequently used search engine. The term "Google It" was coined after it took over the market share.

Search engines are an extremely popular and efficient tool to browse the internet. They allow users to filter for certain content using keywords.

search engines
Google would not be where it is without the healthy competition from Bing, Yahoo!, and Chinese-based Baidu.

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