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Consoles and Personal Computer have came a long way from where it has started many years ago, from a single pixel game, a big computer system that costs a fortune to being able to play games in 3dimensional environment, and are able to build your own high end gaming computer from a fraction of the price.Since technology has been constantly improving and innovating the demand for Consoles and Personal Computer have been in gradually increased and consumers are willing to pay to be able to have the latest consoles or upgrades for their system. The gaming industry now is a multi-billion dollar industries that's constantly changing and innovating to fit the demand for the consumers.In this article I will be discussing the historical facts from console system, personal computer,the difference between the two system and last the market share on this industry.

Console system has came along way since the first video game console was created during 1967. One of the first console was named "brown box" invented by ralph H. Baer (1922 - ) also known as "The Father of Video Games" (Poh, M). This first console had two controller that can be connected to the television and had only couple of games that it can run. One of the most successful company that changed the console industry and a big player in the gaming industry was Nintendo.Nintendo delivered their first console gaming during 1977 through 1979 (Poh, M). Nintendo dominated the industry till the late 1990s. In the late 1990s through early 2000s two major player that entered the console industry was Sony and Microsoft, with their notable console system the playstation and xbox. The console gaming industries have come along way from the single pixel pong game to 3D open world scenario, and are able to play with players all over the world. This industries took three decades for the market to be stabilized and countless experiment from different company to be where it is today.

Console and PC Marketshare

The Early computer that were used by governments,corporation and universities required a lot of room and cost a lot. These computers required a lot of space and used integrated circuit chip in order for it to run, but the invention of microprocessor paved the ways for the computer to run and cheaper cost (History Staff).The first computer was created in 1974 by a company called (MITS) Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry System (History Staff). The two big major company that changed the entire computer industry were apple and microsoft. From the invention of the first personal computer, gaming industries in general have been booming for both console and pc. During this decade as console system were getting noted for, but Personal Computer were getting more and more considerable advantage over the console system every decades, because of how the personal computer is considerably better in quality,price and graphics. One of the biggest advantage for owning a personal computer is that you are able to build your own computer to meet your requirements and are able to customize it , and also it is relatively easy to upgrade the computer or specific parts, instead of buying a whole new computer system.


The gaming industry have always been competitive on which system to choose over a console or personal computer. This old age controversy over console system vs personal computer will only grow stronger (Fahad Arif). Personal computer are generally getting cheaper and more affordable than what it used to be. The price range for console system range from 400 - 600 dollars where personal computer can go anywhere from 800 - 1500 dollars for a very high end computer.Comparison between console system and personal computer is that console system are generally cheaper in the upfront cost,but they are very bad at upgrades and are you cannot actually upgrade the system.For the cost difference between console and personal computer it is arguable that console will give you a better social network experience because you can use your console system right out of the box,instead of computer where you have to build the system and install the program to make it run smoothly. While personal computer may cost expensive but in the long run it is cheaper, mainly because of how you are able to upgrade the specific part if needed be rather than buying a whole new console. When console gaming first came out most of the games that was created was exclusively for console system only, Since then the gaming industry have drastically changed companies now offer games for all the system. Most games that comes out usually cost anywhere from 50 - 60 dollars where it is a multi billion dollar industries for the company such as Blizzard,Steam, and etc. The recent trend on free to play games mostly offered for PC consoles have been in rising popularity game such as League Of Legends created by Riot Games is now a multi-million dollar company with millions of users constantly on.


The Statistics on the market shares show the global sales on the console and personal computers from 2016. The three biggest players in the market for console gaming are Sony with PlayStation 4 with over 21.39 million units,Microsoft with XBOX with over 9.53 million units and Nintendo with Wii with 11.49 million units sold. Overall console system sold for over 42.41 million units globally, which was a decrease in the last five years from 2011 with overall 68.56 units sold. For Personal Computers the top five vendors are Lenovo,HP Inc,Dell,Apple and Asus. From 2015 Lenovo had over 59.8 million unit,HP Inc had 55.4 million unit,dell had 39.4 unit,apple had 22.6 million unit and asus had 20.4 million unit with overall 197.6 millions units sold globally during 2015, but this industry also had a decline within the last five years from 2011 from 364 million unit sold. The major decline for the Computer industry According to IDC "the future PC Shipments will be increasingly dependent on replacement buys, which are often postponed due to lack of perceived or actual innovation within the industry. Compared to 10-15 years ago, the longevity of PCs has increased significantly as their performance has outgrown the average consumer's needs"(Felix Richter).Comparing these two market shares, market shares for Personal computer is almost four times than the console system industry.

Gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that will always grow because of the innovation of our technology and the people wanting to have the new versions of the consoles or upgrade their computers. Through limitations of the hardware and form factor, consoles are always destined to be outperformed by gaming computers. It is worth noting that games are designed to work with a very specific set of hardware, so trying to trade out essential hardware may cause unintended consequences. On the other hand, gaming computers can be upgraded at any time. If the computer starts running slow, you can swap out the processor or add more RAM. Even though there are people who sides on one console to another, one thing certain that the market for this industry will always be there.


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