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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP's in Business

ERP's are business process management softwares that allow an organization to use a system of integrated applications. Phil Simon, notable speaker and professor, vocalizes his support of ERP systems by stating;

“Organizations with broken systems typically suffer from broken business processes and vice versa.”

ERP's incorporate all facets of an organization from payroll systems for HR employees to database mangement tools for auditors. Important features include integration, cetralized databses, and a need for business process reengineering.

ERP's come in three different sizes for varying sized firms: Large-Scale Companies such as Microsoft and Google can pay up to hundreds of millions of dodollars for industry grade ERP software.

Medium-scale Middle sized companies can pay anywhere near $10,000 - $50,000 for medium level softwares.

Small-scale Small sized companies typically pay around $100-$700 a month for ERP services, typically in a subscription type format.