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Overview of HDD and SSD

Both HDD and SSD are forms of hardrives or secondary memory that are used in modern computers. HDD stands for hard disk drive, HDD has been around for longer and is less expensive. SSD stands for solid state drive, an SSD is faster and has less moving parts when compared to HDD, but they are also quite a bit more expensive.

HDDs or hard disk drives work by using an arm to read and write magnetic charges on a spinning disk. It looks alot like a mini recorded player. These magnetic charges on the disk are the reason that if you wave a magnet over an HDD it will wipe the memory from the drive. SSD on the other hand works by holding memory on interconnected memory chips but unlike ram it stores the data when the power is turned off. An easy way to thign about this is like a big USB thumb drive. Due to the fact that there is no spinning disk SSD type hardrive are cosnidered to br more reliable because they are less likely to be damaged by being bumped or dropped. If you are looking for a hardrive that has more memory a HDD might be the way to go becuase because large SSDs can be extremely expensive.

HDD internals

Speed is the main reason that people prefer to pay extra to get a solid state drive instead of a Hard disk drive. A common practice in 2020 is to have multiple hardrive on one computer. User will often have a smaller SSD and a larger HDD, the BIOS would be on the SSD to improve boot up time and larger less important files would be loaded onto the HDD. Below you can see a graph the comparing file transfer speeds of HDD and SSD. In the SSD is like a concorde jet while the HDD is like a locomotive train. Like the Concorde jet the SSD is very fast but the HDD can hold alot of stuff like a locomotive.

Boot Speed comparison