Use of Productivity Software

Commercial Solutions for Office or, 'Productivity' Software

Commercial solutions for office such as Office Suites otherwise known as office application suites or office productivity software, consists of a collection of applications that are intended to assist knowledgable, skilled workers to produce information for their business. These applications may include documents, presentations, worksheets, databases, charts, graphs, and more. These general applications are meant to simplify tasks and processes for employees and increase productivity. According to an article by Burning Glass Technologies, 78% of "middle-skill" occupations require employees to use productivity software. Since the 2010s, productivity software is becoming more consumerized and integrated into our daily personal lives. One of the first office suites to emerage was Starburst in the 1980s for personal computers, its compromise of a few of the basic applications such as a word processor, spreadsheets and databases. During the 1980s, a number of various office suites appeared in the market until Microsoft Office dominated it over the course of the 1990s. While Microsoft Office still continues to dominate the business productivity software market, there are various office suites that are commonly known today such as Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Google tools.

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