UTM's and their Importance:
A Market Share Analysis

With the ever changing landscape of cyber security, one thing remains constant; the threat of external attacks against businesses. In 1851, the term "Firewall" was first used to describe the prevention of fire spreading throughout builds. The first computer firewalls began to appear in the laste 80's, and like the physical barriers mentioned earlier, these were ment to prevent the penetration and spreading of viruses. These protected "private networks by securing gateway servers to external networks like the Internet." Today we have Unified Threat Management (or UTMs) and are the next step in "the evolution of the traditional firewall" and creates an "all-inclusive security product" that can "perform multiple security functions" within a single system.

In the technical brief, we will take a closer look at the market for UTM's targeted towards the SMB environment as well as three good options that SMBs can choose from to meet their needs.

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