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Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing can seem like a concept out of a science fiction novel at times. These giant futuristic machines house cooling units that drop an atom’s temperature down to freezing lows. Sometimes these machines must be kept at absolute zero to maintain functionality. Yet, more and more companies are using them for their powerful computational capabilities. It’s seems the raw power presented with quantum computing far out weighs that of say a midrange computer or even rivals some supercomputers. There are a few reasons for this gap in ability. The classical computer, which most Americans possess or have access to, runs from a stream of electrical or optical pulses represented as 1s or 0s. This is the core of your system, the genetic makeup that gives programs a language to exist. What’s different about quantum computers is they run on qubits instead of the traditional bits from 1s and 0s. This is accomplished by manipulating subatomic particles such as photons and electrons. I mentioned freezing temperatures earlier, well this is necessary to keep these particles in a manageable state. Qubits have certain properties that allow them to be used together creating a quantum computer.

Created by Brian Smedley