The Progression of Smartphone Technology



Smartphones have become one of the most highly demanded technologies bought by consumers. To many individuals, a smartphone is a means of communication, while this is indeed its basic functional duty they are capable of doing way more than just that. Smartphones have been in the market for over twenty years, constantly being developed, and tweaked given the advancement of technology. The power of the modern smartphone now is equivalent to that of a computer. The simple user interface design and accessibility of current smartphones is one of the many reasons that they are highly sought out amongst other technologies. Users are able to download applications based on their preferences, get real-time notifications and alerts on current events, while simultaneously speaking on the phone with as many as up to sixteen people. These are only a few of the many capabilities of today’s smartphones. The most prominent feature of these highly intelligent devices is their ability to multitask. Consumers buy products that they believe will make their everyday lives easier. With a processor, as fast and powerful as that of a computer with the mobility of a wallet, a smartphone allows you the ultimate convenience. There are many manufacturers of smartphones, who all want to dip their hands into the market that has shown to be expanding exponentially. Each having their own operating systems and benefits to them.