The Development of Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) into Today’s Modern Marketplace

Virtual Reality

A quote from Heinz Pagels:

"The primary research instrument of the sciences of complexity is the computer. It is altering the architectonic of the sciences and the picture we have of material reality. Ever since the rise of modern science three centuries ago, the instruments of investigation such as telescopes and microscopes were analytics and promoted the reductionalist view of science. Physics, because it dealt with the smallest and most reduced entities, was the most fudamental science. From the laws of physics one could deduce the laws of chemistry, then of life, and so on up the latter. This view of nature is not wrong; but it has been powerfully shaped by available instruments and technology. The computer, with its ability to manage enormous amounts of data and to simulate reality, provides a new window on that view of nature. We may begin to see reality differently simply because the computer produces knowledge differently from the traditional analytic instruments. It provides a different angle on reality.""

The Dreams of Reason, 1988

It hasn't been up until now that Virtual Reality technology has reached the hands of the consumer. Given advancements in VR technology it is now possible to bring what had not been physially existing appear by computer software. Big companies such as Google, Samsung, HTC, and Valve are now taking their share of the market. Virtual technology is now afforable, available, and easily usable. All thanks to research, developments, and the creation of the Head Mounted Display: