Console Wars: PS4 vs Xbox One

Meet the Consoles

When the PlayStation 3 first launched, it was ugly, massive, and incredibly expensive. Many gamers, including diehard PS2 fans converted to the Xbox 360. The PS4 provided incredible marketing techniques, incentivizing their customers with an incredible launch lineup, updated features like Share Play, and improvements on the design of the controller. The company's mission with the PS4 had been clear from the start: to emphasize the importance of brand loyalty within hardcore gamers. Sony continues to focus on a diverse library of exclusive games, selecting quality first-party studies to develop games. PlayStation continues to deliver innovative products to the market since the launch of the first PlayStation in Japan in 1994. Sony is determined to develop a wide range of innovative products and multimedia services that excite consumers to enjoy digital entertainment.

The new gaming landscape is being driven by an unprecedented wave of innovation, transformation, and creativity unlike we've ever seen. With technology advancing fast, we hold a future full of choice, without being constrained by technical boundaries. Microsoft continues to push the boundaries of gaming by focusing on four key objectives: providing a diverse selection of games, uniting gaming communities, welcoming all gamers, and hardware innovation without sacrificing compatibility. Xbox has its eyes on the future, announcing Project Scorpio, marking the beginning of the next generation.

The importance of technology is that it creates new possibilities in the world. Thanks to information technology, we can do things today that some of us never dreamed were possible. We can communicate around the world, store massive amounts of data, and conduct business at home. Technology drives the world and as humans we must steer the world the right way.