Celluar Technology & Carriers, who does what, market share


Smartphones and feature phones are common phones today as were the traditional phones for decades in early 1940s. Phones today are so popular because they are convenient and come with the advanced technologies as they are pushing the traditional landlines phone into out of fashion. Though, new communication technology may have gained the fame today, but it is still young technology if we are to compare to traditional landline phones and deserved a worthy conversation that has existed over 150 years.

Now, the smartphones and other feature phones today are based on cellular technology; they use a form of a platform that many transmitters send the data at same time on a single channel. The technological advances that were made for cellular phones have grown up rapidly that it surpasses another technology that has been invented.


To recapt a brief history of wireless technology, most of the companies either started as small company or they acquired one another becoming the largest wireless company. Many of the today's major wireless companies are Verizon, AT&T, Sprit, and T-Mobile. These communications proviers now offer 3G, 4G, LTE. However, these companies are always working on development of the speed and the network connectivity and soon we may be able tosee the advance XLTE or 5G network.