What's this site all about, anyway?

Hands-on Linux Project

This website has been created as part of the Hands-on-Linux project for INFO 300 at VCU. It is designed to get students comfortable working at the command line in a server environment. The final product of the HoL project is a website that contains a technical brief about a subject of our choice along with HTML5 semantic markup, responsive mobile-first design, and a good score on accessibility metrics.

I have elected to use a framework from w3schools to style my website. You can find a link to the w3schools css tutorial at the bottom of each page.

Virtual Reality

VR, put simply, is an interactive computer-generated experience that takes place within a simulated enviroment.When you think of the Holodeck from Star Trek, the ill-fated Virtual Boy from Nintendo, or the future-tech OASIS environment from Ready Player One, that is Virtual Reality.

Today, we refer to immersive realistic experiences as virtual reality. These include some currently popular devices such as the PS4 VR headset and the Oculus, as well as some more basic experiences such as Google Cardboard. There are, of course, many different makes and models out there that cover a broad spectrum of cost, complexity, and function.

There are some other options when it comes to VR as well. Augmented reality refers to technology that overlays or projects images into your field of vision while still allowing you to see your environment. Most people probably think of Google Glass, which was not a great success. However, the tech is coming along and will probably overtake head-mounted VR in the next 10-20 years.

Check out the slideshow below for a sneak peek at some of the current hotness, then when you are ready, head over and check out the technical brief!

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