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Hello, my name is Zedekiah Amonoo, but I prefer to go by Zeke.
I am majoring in Inforamtion Systems, but want to focus in Security
This course has been a major help in furthering my interest and experience
in such a field. Hopefully with the skills I have learned I will be able
to further develope them and gain new ones.

Following graduation I am not sure what the future holds or what I would
prefer. Either working here in Richmond or returning back home and finding
work there. Hopefully with the skills I acquire through school I will be
able to land a suitable job in a fesible work enviroment.

Although school has always been a drag and burden for me I do enjoy
learning new skills that are especially geared towards me and my intended
profession. I understand school builds a foundation, but I also feel as if
I work this hard in class I'd prefer to get paid for it. Bringing home
additional work from home and theoretically being paid for it is better
than doing school homework free of charge.


Elon Musk as Tesla Motor's CEO is the most fortunate pairing for a future
powerhouse company. His vision and charisma is what propels him amongst
his peers and competitors. Tesla as a start up company focuses in
automotive and energy, but is trying to surge through the ranks. As a an
American company the amount of slander and disrespect this company
receives is startling to me. The company promotes nothing but positivity,
innovation, and positive change to our future.

Elon Musk has been either the founder or co-owner of several successful
enterprises. He has always found a way to be unique and capitalize on each
of his visions. He Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, & PayPal has been
some of his most nostalgic ideas. Unfortunately, Tesla recieves the most
backlash even for their effective and efficient works on improving the
enviroment and combating climate control. Elon's charisma allows him to
face the media and his critics in the most cynical fashion. This fashion
also leads to critics hating him as well. He is essiential a modern day
Tony Stark.

Both Elon Musk and Tesla Motors share several things in common. They are
the root critics analysis as well as the keys to our future. With this
combination taking a bound of faith despite the slander will benefit
everyone in the long term not just themselves. As a huge fan and advocate
for innocation I wish this combo the best in hopes of them bettering our


Throughout the history of basketball there has been a plethora of historic
players. The term GOAT is distributed amongst the best of the best. The
acronym stands for "Greatest of All Time", in my book Michael Jordan and
LeBron James are deemed as GOATs. Both individuals have been the best
amongst their peers and competitors both on and off the court.
They have been able to surpass their critics and appease the public at any

Michael Jordan first began the trend through historic run in the NBA. He
did not only 3-peat as a champion once, but twice, and was even able to
retire during runs. Even during his retirement he pursued professional
baseball. Even after his incredible career he still maintained and created
a sneaker line that has carried his career for ages. After owning his own
line his next step has been aqcuiring other companys along the way.

LeBron James himself is a former 3x NBA champion and has had the longest
stretch of dominance between any player ever inducted into the league. He
has differed himself from Michael by entering the commercial tv and movie
industry. This move has propelled James to a mogul status that inevitably
builds his brand. As LeBron continues to play he may have the chance to
compete with his son in the NBA

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