File1, 2, & 3 for yalobaid2:



Hello my name is Yousef, this is my first file in VI command line. I hope
to learn how to get around putty so i can use it later in life for my
benefit. So far putty has been simple nothing to complicated to
figure out. Really looking foward for our next deliverable for this
project i hope i can learn a lot.


Recently i started watching Naruto, it's a really good anime about a boy
who lost his best friend sasuke due to the desire for power. Throughout
the anime Naruto is trying to get his best friend back from Orichimaru
a very powerful ninja who was vanished from his village for conducting
prohibited rituals.Throughout the anime Naruto makes a lot of friends
which will help him during the final great ninja war.


On my spare time i like to study a lot for my exams and quizzes and talk
to my family from Kuwait. I am an international student and so far VCU
has shown  nothing but the best in classes and unique people. I have met
a lot of people from countries I  never heard before and try many
unique dishes.

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