File1, 2, & 3 for wmelton:



I am writing a paragraph for my first file. It will contain 75 charaters
for each line. I am eager to learn as much as I can in this class as it is
coming to a quick end. I have never taken a summer class at VCU. This was
by far the quickest class I have ever taken. This about wraps up my first


This is my first time using vi editor. I am excited to learn more about it.
I would love to master vi editor. I need alot of practice if I want to do that.
I need to just keep looking up good resources and performing hands on.
This is the conclusion of my second paragraph. Hopefully this is correct.


What is the best vi editor learning resource? What does everyone think?
I am going to explore many as I complete the HOL assignment. Is anyone
already experienced with vi editor? I want to take the most away from this
class as possible as the semester comes to a close. This will conclude my
third paragraph. I hope I have performed this correctly as I have simply
typed random thoughts as I have just learned vi for the first time.

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