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Jonas looked at her. She was so lovely. For a fleeting instant he thought
he would like nothing better than to ride peacefully along the river path,
laughing and talking with his gentle female friend. But he knew that such
times had been taken from him now. He shook his head. After a moment his
two friends turned and went to their bikes. He watched as they rode away.

Jonas trudged to the bench beside the Storehouse and sat down, overwhelmed
with feelings of loss. His child-hood, his friendships, his carefree sense
of security - all of these things seemed to be slipping away. With his
new, heighted feelings, he was overwhelmed by sadness at the way the
others had laughed and shouted, playing at war. But he knew that they
could not understand why, without the memories. He felt such love for
Asher and for Fiona. But they could not feel it back, with the
memories. And he could not give them those. Jonas kenw with certainty that
he could change nothing.

Back in their dwelling, that evening, Lily chattered merrily about the
wonderful holiday she had had, playing with her friends, having her midday
meal out of doors, and (she confessed) sneaking a very short try on her
father's bicycle.


He could hear the noise. A murmur. People whisperring to each other. It
was not at all like Market Day, with its sounds of laughter, conversation,
and commerce: good-natured bargaining, the squealing of pigs, the motherly
cluck of hens with their cheeping broods. Tonight it was simply a low hum,
a nervous whisper through the crowd.

Matty slipped into a group that had gathered and was standing nearest to
the platform, a simple wooden structure like a stage that was used for
many occasions when the people came together. The coming meeting to
discuss the proposal to close Village would be held here, too, and Leader
would stand on the stage to direct things and keep them orderly.

A large wooden roof covered the area so that rain would not prevent a
gathering, and in the cold months the enclosing sides would be slid into
place. Tonight, though, with the weather still warm, it was open to the
evening, A breeze ruffled Matty's hair. He could smell the scent of the
pine grove that bordered the area.


Kira followed her. he knew the flower heads would have to boil till midday
and then remain steeping in their water for many hours more. Extracting
the colors was always a slow process. The coneflower dye-water would not
be ready for use until the next morning.

The dyeing yard, affected by the fire, was already sultry and almost
oppressive. But inside, the cott was cool, protected by its thick walls.
Dried plants, beige and fragile, hung from the ceiling rafters. On a thick
wooden table by the windows, piles of colored yarns lay ready for sorting.
It was part of place at the sorting table. set her stick against the wall,
and sat down. Behind her, Annabella poured water from the kettle over
dried leaves that she had placed in two thick mugs.

"This deep brown is from the goldenrod shoots, isn't it?" Kira held the
strands to the window light. "It looks lighter than when it was wet. But
it's still a fine brown." She had helped the dryer prepare the shoots for
their dye-bath a few days before.

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