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Hello my name is Vijaya. I am a Information Systems major. I'm from Aldie.
I grew up in America, but I was born in Hyderbad, a large city in India. I
moved here when i was about 3 years old. My brother was born in New Jersy.
I attended Floris Elementary and then soon went to Carson Middle School.
After middle school, I attended Westfield High School and made new friends
and I also joined the varsity tennis team. A lot of my friends joined too.
My favorite color is green aand blue and i tend to stay away from pink.
Some of the things i enjoy to doing in my free time are painting,going out
with friends, and shopping and volunteering. I spend my time doing various

My favorite animal is a elephant. Elephants are the world's largest land
mammals- and, aside from the great apes (humans, gorillas, chimpanzees)
the most intelligent. A bull elephant can be extremely dangerous to
anything or anyone that gets in its way. Elephants are mammals, they are
warm - blooded vertbrates that nurse their young with milk produced by
mammary glands and they're hairy creatures. That means they fulfil all the
requirements to be mammals.

The tusks are actually olobgated upper incisor teeth embedded deep in the
elephant's head. Elephant tusks have a variety of users: as a tool to dig
for water and food and to strip bark from trees; as a weapon in battle
with rivals. Just like humans, elephants can be right or left - handed.
Elephants are known to use one tusk more than the other.


House lawmakers have introduced a temporary funding measure to thwart
government shutdown, with hopes to move the legislation to the Senate and
the president's desk before federal agencies run out of money at midnight
on Thursday. The legislative measure, known as a continuting resolution,
or CR, will fund the government through Dec. 20. This would mark the
the second continuting resolution to take effect since the fiscal year
began Oct. 1.

The White House puhed back on top aide to the vice president who testified
that Mr. Trump's conversation with Ukraine's president with appropriate.
Vice President Mike Pence's two senior most aides pusjed back against
their colleague, Jennifer Williams, on Tuesday after she testified that
she considered President Trump's phone call with Ukraine's president
unusual because of its focus on domestic politics.

Marc Short, the vice president's cheif of staff, went on Fox News to make
the same point. "She said she found the call unusual yet she never raised
any concerns with the chief of staff, she never raised any concerns with
vice president," he said.


LR Berlin took the Gold Innovation Award for Actives yesterday for the
company's balancing and inflammation-reducing ingredient, AnnonaSense CLR.
From a marketing point of view it is very on-trend with the surge in
CBD-related products, so it is good that the hard work from our R&D and
marketing team has been justified.

The early history of Richmond began with Captain Christopher Newport first
led English explorers in 1607 to the site later name Richmond after a
suburb of London, England. Until that time, indian tribes of the Powhatan
Confederact had lived in the region. After two unsuccessful attempts
to settle this naturally advantaged location for transportation and trade,
settlers enjoyed change of luck.

Richmond was founded in 1737 by Colonel William Byrd II. He inherited
the former Stegg lands on both sides of the James River from his father
and become known himself as the "Father of Richmond." He visited here in
1733 and planned to build a city. Four years later, his friend Willian
Mayo developed a map of Richmond and the first lots were sold.

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