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Yesterday was November 27.
It was nice and sunny.
I really enjoyed the sprinkle of nice weather.

Today is November 28.
It is extremely cold today.
Bone cold!
I am not a fan of the cold.

Tomororw is going to also be cold.
Sadly, I think the warm weather has officailly left.
I cannot wait for nice weather again.


The end of the semester is here.
I am very scared and stressed.
I have so much work to do!

I am literally shaking as I am typing this from stress.
This project might tip me over.
I shall push through till end of the semester.
I am very scared and stressed.
I have so much work to do!

The workload is piling on.
I feel like I find out about more and more everyday.
I hope I pull through


The LAN project was hard to do without a mouse.
I recently got a mouse.
It is life changing.

Getting a PC is one of the best things I've done.
I cannot imagine doing things on my Mac.
I still like my Mac more for fun usage.

This class would be difficult without a PC and mouse.
I'm already struggling enough.
Good thing I have the right technology.

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