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Not sure if I am doing this right, but hello!

Although I am not keen on being limited on where I can go
and what I can do, I am saving money!
I am one of those that often go shopping because I have
nothing better to do, but now I am too scared to step into any store.
Online shopping is a little better, but I can
never gurantee if what I am seeingis what I will actually get,
so I just don't shop. My card loves the break its getting and
I love the money I am saving!



Every one always asks me what music I listen to or what genre I am into.
I ususally say that I don't have preference, I listen to
what my vibe is feeling at that moment. However, I cannot listen
to overly explicit music, it gives me a headache.



Ever since I have temporarily moved back home due to the circumstances
my sleep schedule has been terrible. I don't find
anything here as comfortable as my bed back in my apartment,
so I just don't sleep or get very little sleep.
My doctor says I need about 6-8hrs of sleep to
function, but my body diagrees. Every one always says
theres nothing like your own bed.

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