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Cellular Technology and Carriers, What They Do, and Market Share


Is it because his teammates are learning how to play alongside him
and vice versa? No doubt. The dog was on fire.

Lakers' Ball sprains ankle, says he'll play Thu.
Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball underwent X-rays on his left ankle
that revealed a "regular sprain," but he said he'll be ready to
play in the Lakers' next game Thursday against the Pacers.

Since Rondo had to leave a game in Portland and subsequently have
surgery, James is handling the ball almost a minute more per game
than before, according to Second Spectrum's tracking data


his is a significant spike because the Lakers have so many
possessions where they push the ball in transition that ballhandling
stats can be a little skewed. During this span James has increased
his scoring average five points a game.

In fact, his stats have improved across the board, especially
his shooting, which has soared since Rondo went down. The Lakers
are benefiting. Even "official starting point guard" Lonzo Ball
is filling the lanes on fast breaks and coming out of his shell
at James' urging.

Advance scouts who have been tracking the Lakers report that Ball
frequently becomes an off guard when James is in the game with him.

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