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Arsenal have entered their 28th Premier League season and they havent started
as well as they hoped.They started with a win over Newcastle United and it
seemed like they were on the right path after beating Burnley in their home
opener. After 12 games they find themselves sitting in the 6th spot on the
With 38 games in the season Arsenal have put themselves in a difficult
spot to make it into the top 4. Missing out on the Champions League again would
cost Arsenal around 40 million in the budget. This would be Arsenals 3rd year
in a row to miss the Champions League.


Juventus over the summer have signed Cristiano Ronaldo and look to improve on
their Champions League form. They have currently won the Seria A eight years
in a row and look to make it 9. With the addition of Cristiano Ronaldo and
Miralem Pjanic they are now top of the league again.
They have started the Champions League with 4 straight wins in the group stage.
Only Barcelona has the same record as them in the Champions League this season,
and they seem to be the ones who will give Juventus the most problems going
forward.It should be a great game in December when these two clubs are met to
meet in Italy.


Liverpool are also one of the strongest sides to play against, if not the best
team in the world at the moment. They are currently undefeated with the record
of 11-1-0. They look to improve to 12 wins this season on Saturday when they
face Chelsea in the Premier League. Liverpool last year finished 2nd on the
table by only 2 points being the difference.
Even though they came in 2nd last season in the Premier League they had a total
of 92 points overall. With that many points they would have been 1st every
single Premier League seasonexcept for 2. They did however go on and beat the
Spurs in the Champions League Final.

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