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Driverleiss cars could become a regular feature of the roads as
early a April, at least in California.Arizona has already become a fair
weather center for testing driverless vehicles. Uber announced last week
that it has finished testing its self-driving trucks in Arizona and is now
beginning to use them to move goods across the state. It is not just the
United States either. The British government launched a review last week
of laws governing self-driving vehicles, with the aim of getting
autonomous cars on throad in three years. This type of advanced
technology is going to change the future of life.

This is clearly a big step for the technology and automotive
industries. No suprise that the companies are woriking on driverless
vehicles include Google, Uber, and Audi. The advent of human less driving
could also redirect the traffic of our days, how we live our lives and
get around. Perhaps somewhat less obiously, a future filled with
autonomous vehicles could also spur big changes. This will also affect
the real estate market in addition to transportation and technolgy
industries. The companies working on this will benefit alot.

One question worth considering is what the proliferation of
autonomous cars could mean for public transportation. The proximity of
office and residential buildings to public transit hubs has traditionally
benn seen as adding value to the property by making commuting easy, a
phenomenon that would seem to higher due to the low car ownership rates
of millenials. Sections of the United States that have seen real estate
development near new rail systems or train stations include Texas,
Missouri, and Illinois.


My name is Terence Hardy I am from Clarksville, Virginia. I am a
Junior majoring in Information Systems.
I went to Bluestone High School where I graduated top twenty in my class.
I love working with computers. While I was in the fifth grade, I won
third place in a state writing contest sponsored by the Virginia Library.
Clarksville is a very rural area, so it was a bit of an adjusting
period when coming to VCU.

I have an older brother who graduated from James Madison
University a few years ago. He majored in Sports management and
Recreation with a minor in Business. My brother and I love to play
basketball with one another. He is my role model because he is always
working hard to get the things he wants in life. He never gives up on
life and always continues to push forward. His drive makes me want to be
so much like him.

I have always have had a liking towards computers and networks.
One day I would like to be in the field of computer programming or
network security. I will hopefully be graduating in the spring of next
year. I would like to aquire an internship during the summer in order to
have work experience for when I graduate school. Hopefully when I am
older I am able to fulfil my dream of being a computer programmer or in
nework security.


If you have ever wanted to see yourself as an animated bear,
or just stop your old phone from slowing down. Apple has just the update
for you. The company has just released its new version of IOS. It is the
third  major update for IOS eleven since it was released last summer.
Owners of older devices can now disable a feature that slows down their
IPhone to prevent a sudden shutdown. In the past Apple has admittd to
slowing down some IPhones to prevent a a sudden shutdown caused by having
older batteries.

The new battery health option are now located in Setting, Battery,
and then battery health. It shows information about the status of your
battery, including its maximum capacity and peak performance. It will
tell you if the battery needs to be replaced. Turning of the performance
management feature may make your phone feel zippier, but could also
result in turing of your device unexpectedly. This feature should give
new users the feel of having more control while using their phone. Now
replacement batteries are cheaper.

When you first install the new update, you are greeted with a
landing page about its new Data and Privacy feature that states "Apple
believes privacy is a fundamental human right." When you open Apple apps,
there will be a small Data and privacy icon that looks like two people
are shaking hands with each other. Click and you can see a rundown of
all the data you are sending back to Apple and what the company needs for it.
The privacy feature was announced in January, months befor Facebook's data
woes were made public.

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