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The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial nightshade Solanum tu
berosum. In many contexts, potato refers to the edible tuber, but it can also
refer to the plant itself. Slang and such terms include tater, tattie and spud.
Potatoes were introduced to Europe in the second half of the 16th entury by the

Wild potato species can be found throughout the Americas, from the United
States to Southern Chile. The potato was originally believed to have been
domesticated independently in multiple locations, but later genetic testing
of the wide variety of cultivars and wild species traced a single origin for

Following millenia of selective breeding, there are now over 1,000 different
types of potatoes. Over 99% of presently cultivated potatoes worldwide
descended from varieties that originated in the lowlands of south-central
Chile, which have displaced formerly popular varieties from the Andes.


The Mazda 787 and its derivative 787B are Group C sports prototype racing cars
that were built by Mazda for use in the World Sportscar Championship, All
Japan Sports Prototype Championship, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1990 to

At its heart, the initial design of the 787 was an evolution of the 767 and
767B designs that had been used by Mazda in 1988 and 1989. Many mechanical
elements of the 767 were carried over by Nigel Stroud when he designed the 787,
but with some notable exceptions.

Foremost was the replacement of the 767's 13J Wankel rotary engine. In its
place, the brand new R26B was installed. the custom-built R26B featured a
nearly identical layout and displacement, but included new design elements
such as continuously variable intakes and three spark plugs per rotor instead
of the 20B's two. This allowed for a maximum power output of 900HP (670 kW),
which was limited to 700hp during the race for longevity.


I'll start off by saying that this is a difficult tank to play well. The bloom
and time between shells really kills any quick opportunity to deal a lot of
damage that every other autoloader gets except for the Foch 155. What it does
get in return is more mobility and a higher potential clip damage than the
rest of the autoloader bunch (except for the Foch, once again) and that's what
you have to play for, every single time.

The strength of the tank lies in the gun and mobility, one of them also being
its weakness. It can put in quite a bit of damage in a short amount of time
which makes it possible to turn games around. Autoloaders always have the
lovely advantage of mitigating damage taken when clipping since people can't
really deal enough damage back at you unless they're grouped up.

Finding lone tanks in the endgame is easy prey for the BC and incredibly easy
to outplay. If it's anything short of another autoloader you can pretty much
just yolo in, clip fully and either destroy them from scratch or simply just
run away afterwards. I find it very rare that anything that can actually chase
your BC down after clipping is usually too low on HP for it to be really
worthwhile if you clip fully.

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