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I have chosen the topic social media, how they make money, markets and share.
the topic talked about one of the important market value in now days. Social
media can really effect the company in profit fielf from advertisement or
sailing products.

Social media can open new opportunities to show creativity and from any kind
of field and ether using it in advertisement for
companies or from having an own company.

In short social media is great way to promote products and get high profit.


The work will cover the advantage and disadvantage of having company that
depends on social media. The advantages of getting profit using
social media that it may makes product spread very fast and get high revenue.

Social media consider an old value which begins in 1970's but in only depnds
on e-mail and other small use of connections. Which had a big reputation in
many active places to finish processes.

We can see companies nowadays that gets advantages of using social media to
increase their profit by putting advertisement in YOUTUBE, Twitter or google.
Also the new applications that need financial support they rely on big
companies to promote their product and get support.


Since social media has a lot of advantages it has a lot of disadvantages.
Which can effect the company in a bad way. Most of the disadvantages of
having a social media markting that it could slow down the company so
there is a big chance of decreasing revenue and dicresing losses.

One of the examples of the disadvantages is time consuming. Becuase
promoting the company product needs a lot advertisement through multi sites
but there is big chance that people will skip the advertising. Which will
the company lose a lot of time.

From my small knowledge of social media markting the best way to avoid of
big lost in time and budget is know the risks of having a busines through
social media like to have spare time and budget inorder if anything

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