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Cell Phone coverage is the most important part of getting a good
cell phone plan. Currently Verion offers the most network coverage
across the United States as a whole.Verizon, At&t, and t-mobile
are the top 3 providers in the country. Depending on a persons
location, it depends on which carrier you prefer.

A cursory glance at the coverage maps of the United states shows
Verizon blaketing the most geographical area, with AT&T not far
off. However, this isn't necessarily the best metric to use when
deciding on a carrier, unless you do a ton of traveling to disparate
parts of the county.

Another thing to keep in mind: When a carriers claim a certain
percantage of coverage through the united States says, 98% they're
usually referring to their coverage of where people live. They're
not claiming, 98% coverage of the country's actual geographic area.


My name is Samikchhya Tamrakar and my hobbies are going on
runs, reading books, and playing with my dog. I am originally
from kathmandu, nepal. I born and raised there and didn't move
to the states until I was 9 years old.

I have a lot of family around the world. I have cousins who live
in Canada, Australia, India, and more. Most of my direct family
is still in Nepal.

My interest to study information systems started when I saw
my dad started his businessed. His business consist of software
that is useful for investigations for crimes. I grew up watching
him play around with computers, which is why I am following
his footsteps by majoring in Information System.


He would drink by himself
and raise a weathered thumb
Towards the high shelf,
calling another rum
And blackcurrant, without
Hacing to raise his voice,
Or oder a quick stout
By a lifting of the eyes
And a discreet dumb-show

Incomprehensible to him,
my other life. Sometimes,
on the high stool, Too busy
with his knife At a tocacco
plug And not meeting my eye,
In the pause after a slum
he mentioned poetry.

But my tentaive art
His turned back watches too:
He was blown to bits
Out drinking in a curfew
Others obeyed, three ngihts
After they shot dead
the Thirteen men in Derry.

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