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l Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

She say she never fell in love with a Superman
Christian, Muslim, Protestant, Lutheran
I told her that being a mortal is the portal
To the true nature of growth; the Christlike Buddha man
That's why I never spit the traditional garbage of a knife fight
Bright lights, white ice to the fans
The radio is just a stereo, like a house ain't a home
And a chair is just a chair, ask Luther Van
Go to work; go to church let your dreams die
Bow tie, Final Call, and a bean pie
Yarmulke for Hanukkah, wish list for Christmas
This is the gist of the life that we lead, why?
So you can fit in, with the closed-minded in the sit-ins
And get clothes-lined in the ed-end
I could care less about a plaque and Bid-enz
And gettin' Punked on TV by my friends
Don't get a nigga wrong
I get tempted by the rewards that all come along with making nigga songs
But what does it mean if I'm a Muslim and you a Jew
And because of that alone we don't get along
And when you talk like this, and try to walk like this
The radio stations'll never put a nigga on
Just Mims, just 50, just Wayne, just Jeezy
Dem Franchize Boyz, and Jimmy Jones
Fuck that, fuck rap this god-hop
Kingdom music for the hard rocks
I'mma spit it 'til TRL get it and Hot 97 hit a nigga with a bomb drop
Ask Flex, ask Slay, ask Whoo Kid
Just Blaze said Jay is the new kid
I took Eternal Sunshine and I looped it
No drums no hook just new shit
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

...Because He Broke the Rules


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Write: The write permission gives you the authority to modify the contents of
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contents. But you will not be able to rename, move or remove the file from the

Execute: In Windows, an executable program usually has an extension ".exe" and
which you can easily run. In Unix/Linux, you cannot run a program unless the
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still be able to see/modify the program code(provided read & write permissions
are set), but not run it.


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so here i am to make sure my specs are corrected
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