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Falling Spring Falls is a breaktaking 80 foot waterfall.
It is one of the most photographed spots in the Alleghany Highlands.
The scenic waterfall is located on Route 220 in Alleghany County.
Just five miles north of Covington, Virginia.
The overlook is fixed so the visitors can be safe and enjoy the view.

Cascade Falls is a scenic 4 mile round trip to a 66 foot waterfall.
It is located within Jefferson National Forest.
Hike is low to moderate difficulty.
Picnicking area is a the beginning of the trail.
Accessible restrooms at the trailhead.

Roaring Run is in Botetourt County.
8 miles northwest of Eagle Rock.
Roaring Run Falls is an excellent hiking trail for the whole family.
Two trails lead to the falls creating a 1.5 loop trail.
Both trails are easy with relatively little elevation gain.


Goshen Pass is a 3 mile mountain gorge.
It is formed by the Maury River.
Visitors here enjoy swimming, tubing, and canoeing.
This part of the Maury River is popualar.
It is rated at a high difficulty.

McAfee Knob is the most photographed spots on the A.T.
It has an almost 270 degree panorama of the Catawba Valley.
It is a steady climb around 1700 in about 4.4 miles.
On a clear day you will have some of the best views.
The overhang views make up the lack of solitude.

Dragons Tooth is an aptly named rock.
It is a popular hike a hike near McAfee Knob.
The hike is a walk in the park.
Parking area is located towards the kiosk.
It is right off of VA 311.


Humpback Rocks is along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
It a short 2 mile trail loop.
It is between MP 5 and 9.3 just outside of Waynesboro.
Stop by the visitor center at MP 5.8.
A picnic area is nearby MP 8.4.

Old Rag Mountain is popular hike in SNP.
This a very challenging 8.8 mile hike.
It has a rock scramble to spectacular views.
Do not attempt this hike unless you are fully prepared.
Parking is near Nethers on Route 600.

Spy Rock is a 2 mile hike in Nelson County.
It is part of the A.T.
A rock scramble will lead to the top of Spy Rock.
It has the best viewpoints in the central Blue Ridge.
A small parking is near the hatchery buildings.

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