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Today I woke up then brushed my teeth.Then I went to the meditation room.
This is where I meditate every morning. A friend of mine got me into
meditation. The benefits are amazing!

I had alot of work to get done so I went to my study room and started doing
homeowrk. At 11 am I packed up and went to my first class. The name of
this class is Globe. It is my favorite class because I love exploring
different cultures and thats what we do in this class.

After my Globe class I ran to INFO 300. I like how we learn something
new every class. Technology is interestesting because alot of it you
can't physically see. I enjoy using my imagination in this class.
Though the LAN project was very stressful I learned so much.


On May 11 I am flying to India. I am so excited to go because my
cousin is getting married! I have been helping her plan for the
few months. Indian marriages or I guess marriages in general are
so expensive. I feel like indian marriages are especially expensive
because we like to invite literally everyone we possibly know.

This tradition came about because back when people lived in the
woods they didn't know thousands of people so inviting someone
that was  a distant relative or friend was normal. However,
today every person has thousands of people they know so its

I used to hate flying but now I like it. Mostly because I can
watch all the shows I want. Airplane T.V is the best T.V.
It also allows me to have endless hours to just let my mind wander.
What I don't like though is the landing part. My ears hurt so
bad during landing.


I can not wait to eat sushi after I am done with this assignment.
I like sushi because it is so simple yet delicious. I guess I admire
it because its so different from other food I enjoy. I usually like
my food with alot of seasoning and different flavors.

I am that girl that mixes three different frozen yogurt flavors
together because I like how it tastes. My favorite is chocolate,cake
batter and brownie mixed together. I used to go all the time
because it is right next to my house in Ashburn. Ashburn is a
beautiful place but its not very diverse which is why I love
Richmond and call it my home.

It has been a long time since I have randomly written things
about my life. This assingment is like a technology and creative
class combined. I can't wait to finish studying for my FIRE 311
exam tommorow and sleep. If pre-school me saw me saying "I am
excited to sleep",she would be so confused. I guess what value
what we have less of and right now I definitly don't get enough
time to sleep.

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