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Juggernauts are not supposed to look like this, without a superstar
a catchy nickname,a lineup of future NBA all-stars or the air of intimidation.

History, though, will look back at these Wildcats and their tactical.

Villanova did not need to hit 18 3-pointers against MIchigan Monday.


If the Giants trade Odell Beckham Jr., it won't be to the Los Ange
les Rams. The rams instead acquired wideout Brandin Cooks and a 2018 fourt
h round pick from the patriots on Tuesday, sending their 23rd overall pick
and a sixth-round pick from this year's draft back to New England in exchang
ESPN's Adam Schefter first reported the deal and said the rams had
discussed a Cooks trade prior to their recent conversations with the Gian
ts about Beckham, which the Daily News first reported last week. But the Rams
circled back to the Patriots and snagged Cooks, 24, clearly due to the Giants
asking price for Beckham and the long-term contract extension Beckham is
seeking, reportedly at $20 million per year.
Cooks like Beckham, 25, is entering the fifth and final year of his
rookie contract, but he will not command OBJ-level money. Plus, while the
Giants initial asking price in Beckham talks was a "first-round plus," as
the Daily News first reported, such a low first-round pick plus only a sixth
was not going to get it done.


To this point, you can bet that Simmons jumper, or lack thereof, is
going to be a big problem at some point in these playoffs. It may be too
much to overcome,frankly. Consider this: the Sixers rank as the second-worst
fourth quarter offense in the league, only better than the Grizzlies, who
hardley register as an actual NBA team most nights.
Simmons not being able to shoot from anywhere outside 10 feet is the
kind of thing that can decide the two or three possesions that ultimately
decide a close game. That said,the Sixers front office has done an incredible
job of surronding Simmons with shooters to offset this glaring hole in his
So that's another one on one weapon for the Sixers that could, if
only for a few crucial possesions, carry them through the rough stretches
of simmons being bogged down in half-court.

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