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Hello, This is Saad. This is a test run for FIle 1. Today is the first day
of the week. I am looking forward to this upcoming friday and the weekend.
This is because of thanksgiving break. Everyone goes home for this time.
I am also looking forward to winter break as this semester has gone on for
too long.

Here is the second paragraph. Lets talk about Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos was
Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1964. worked on Wall Street
in a variety of related fields from 1986 to early 1994. He began Amazon
soon after. Began as an online bookstore and has since skyrocketed. Have
you bought something from Amazon lately? Majority of of amazoon's profits
from AWS.

AWS is mainly known for being a cloud computing platform. The AWS
tech is mainly  favorited because to people, companies, on pay as you go.
This actually began in 2002 but relaunched in march 2012. Have you used
AWS? They  began To support industry-wide training and skills standard.


Many consider Tom brady the Greatest of all time (GOAT), Would you Agree?
Many also do not know tht the owner, Robert Kraft has won 6 rings but only
has 5. This is because he had given Putin a ring. I think this is crazy
just because sports and politics usually never meet and a ring is valuable
Do you think he will go on to the Superbowl this year? if not who will go?

Currently if you have been following football, the pats held the player AB
He said this today: " Mr.Kraft I apologize sincerely to you and your
organization. All I wanted to be was an asset to the organization.Sorry
for the bad media and the drama. Thank you. I think he should be let back
into the nfl.

The other day Danny Green had this dunk and was drug tested the other day.
Have you thought how a few do this often, westbrook, harden, giannis, but
they do not get tested? Carmelo's first game today was a loss.


Tom brady Ideally would like to play until 46 or 47. Even at the age of 42
He is physically at his limit. The reason for him being so physically fit
is because of regimine and diet. At this level it seems to work for him.
Not brady but Lebron james spends 100,000,000 just on his training.

For Alabama's qb, Tua he was projected to be a top 5 pick. He recently
just got injured and it was his hip  being dislocated. There was this
insurance policy insurance policy that he had that makes sure he obtains
millions even if he falls out of the first round. Can you imagine that?

It is a little crazy to see how much he has gone through. He has has 4
surgeries to date of only being in college. It seems that he is very
injury prone. Do you think he will last in the nfl? Will he win the

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