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Tuesday night brings our first possible elimination day of the
Stanley Cup playoffs, with two teams fighting for their playoff lives.

First, the Presidents' Trophy-winning Tampa Bay Lightning looked to avoid
one of the most stunning playoff upsets of this generation. Unfortunately,
the Blue Jackets brought another impressive performance and were able to
complete a devastating sweep of the top-seeded Lightning, making them
the first team to ever sweep a Presidents' Trophy winner in the first round.

The Pittsburgh Penguins also took an early exit as they lost their fourth
straight to the Islanders. New York continued to successfully shut down
the Penguins' attack and earned the sweep in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

After those two Eastern matchups, the Winnipeg Jets will look to win their
second straight and pull even with the Blues in St. Louis. The home team has
yet to win a game in this series.

Finally, the Golden Knights will host the Sharks in Vegas, where the Knights
laid a beatdown on San Jose in Game 3. Mark Stone had a hat trick as part of
a five-point night last time out and he'll be looking to make it
three straight wins for Vegas in the series.


It will likely take three years for Notre Dame Cathedral
to reopen to the public, and possibly decades for it to
be completely repaired, but experts still doubt that
the cathedral will ever be the same.

Financial aid to rebuild the historic house of worship
in Paris was pouring in Tuesday, with France's top
three billionaires pledging a combined $565 million,
for a total of $700 million so far.

But experts warned that there are aspects of the
famed Gothic structure that can never be truly
mimicked during restoration, given its age.

Monday's catastrophic blaze toppled the cathedral's
305 feet tall wood and lead spire and destroyed two
thirds of its roof; and the extent of internal damage
and the condition of its priceless stained-glass rose
windows is still unclear.

Restoration experts say the roof can't be exactly rebuilt
because of the special sized wood used to create its
massive beams centuries ago.


Apple and Qualcomm have agreed to settle their long-running patent dispute,
both companies announced Tuesday. The agreement effectively ends
all lawsuits between the two companies; Apple will license
Qualcomm’s chips for 6 years, and also agree to pay a one-time
undisclosed payment for past use of Qualcomm’s technology.

News of the settlement came just as the case between the
two companies was heading before a jury San Diego, Calif.

Qualcomm and Apple had been fighting in courts around the world for years.
Qualcomm, in essence, was arguing that Apple wasn’t compensating
the company for the use of its intellectual property; Apple on the
other hand had been alleging that Qualcomm was using invalid patents
to demand royalty payments for the use of wireless chipsets.

While these lawsuits never ended the business relationships between
the two companies, they did have some real impacts on Apple’s business.
Late last year, Apple had to update its phones in China to prevent a
sales ban. Around the same time, the company was forced to stop the
sale of older iPhones in Germany.

At the same time, Qualcomm was coming under pressure after multiple
courts sided with Apple; a decision that would have invalidated
Qualcomm’s patents could have resulted in a fatal blow for the
company’s chipset licensing business.

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