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Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Sweet. I'm an IS major at VCU, i originally was
a computer science major at Reynolds community college but when I transfered to
VCU I switched majors to IS. I enjoy video games, mostly FPS games and I'm very
competitive in them. I've competed in some online tournaments for CSGO. I've
also done video editing and graphic arts when i was in middle and high
school. Thats when I realized I wanted to work with computers because I loved
building my first computer for it. I'm also big into paintball. I play somewhat
regularly and play with a team in the Richmond area called Richmond Rage.

The next two files contain snippets of lyrics from some of my favorite songs
right now, thats why they're just long run on sentences.


together we're jaded, and now we're enervated, wings ablaze I'm burning, the
wreckage of my life, i nosedive to the furnace, set fire to the stars at night,
they got me this far, the judgement now begins, i'm bleeding from the inside.

Vanishing into thin air, my body hits the floor, much slower than before,
crisis, man overboard, emergency abort, i wathc them dancing, all, the
fireflies of war gather, all the damage that's been done, paid for,
wont you reveal, yourself to me, as i rise above the deep wont
you reveal yourself to me?

all the fireflies above gather, all the damage thats been done, paid for, now
wont you save yourself for me, wont you save yourself for me?

TesseracT - Juno


This life of stone, The hand of god I'm too tempted to bribe, I'm getting old
and paralyzed, we're all alone, until we let our minds take to the skies, our
blood runs cold yet we remain alive.

What's the confliction between heart and mind, how to bridge the void, fuse the
two kinship, to understand your prospects and vistas, and yet to see the love
here too, it's more than i can do, vows and pursuits which at best hollow, i
remain torn in two.

Just seize the moment, sabotage the lines, life turns on a dime, please cease
the torment, it's weighing on my mind, the pressure you apply won't hold.

TesseracT: Of mind - exile

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