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There once was a boy named Robert Myers. He went to Virginia Tech for two
years and transfered to VCU. Once he got to VCU he had to take some BS
classes that he had already took at Virginia Tech. These classes amounted
to a whole semester's worth of classes that could have been useful and not
prolonged his graduation. MONEY MONEY MONEY


Fun facts about myself. I have been strength training since I was 10 years old.
I have been pouring and finishing concrete for about 9 years and currently
interning at Code Blue Technology. Played football in highschool and
snapped my fibula senior season.


yeah if am maybe probably might get to it later probably should start soon
ehhh one more beer wait thats due tomorrow... one more beer... lets start
whats this.... alright well this will do, lets watch some netflix and wait
till tomorrow to finish. One more..

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