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It was never my intention to go this far. I had no idea how many people
I'd effect. My goal was selfish, and I knew that. I just wish more
people understood.

I came here with every ounce of courage I had left. Today was going to
be the day. Though I left my house in a hurry, I managed to tap out my
last apology letter and sent it to it's intended.

My life was about to change, both physically and mentally. It would take
others a long time to realize it, but I was going to make a difference.
Today was the day that I'd take that final step through consciousness
and end up in limbo until my sentencing.


My time of death was declared 22:52, Thursday, December 4th. I never
made it to my son's first Christmas, but that was no matter. He would
be better off without me.

Come to think of it, the whole world was lucky not to have me. I wasn't
that I was a menace of society or anything, I just never contributed.
I didn't care about anyone but myself, and I think my wife could sense
that. Our vows felt too one-sided, and she thought bringing a baby into
the picture would bring us closer. It didn't.

In fact, it was the determining factor in my demise. I didn't want to be
a burden on him or my wife. They'll turn out alright. I'm better off
amongst the clouds or below the earth; I guess that depends on what they


It all might take a while to process it all, and that's okay. Just know
that I wasn't capable of emotion, and it forced me to lie my entire life.
I probably didn't love you in the way that you loved me, and I couldn't
fake that well. You have my blessing to re-marry, but make sure you don't
tell him about me. You'll both be alright if I'm not even in your

You'll be happy to hear that I died peacefully in my sleep. I sat in the
chair, with my arms outstretched. I closed my eyes and blocked out the
sounds of the tanks filling with chemicals. As the needle went in my arm,
I knew I had made the right choice. This was no place for a newborn and
his tired mother. This was a place for criminals, and that was what I was.

Shivers went down my spine as the pentobarbital hit my veins. I was out
cold after a few seconds. Then the Pancuronium bromide hit to finish off
my respiratory system. Finally, the one that crossed me over into limbo
was the potassium chloride. It didn't take long after that for my heart
to give out. It was an aggressive ceremony, but it was peaceful to me.

My last conscious thought was, "Finally."

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