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It is raining.I want to the sun to come back please!!!
The main reason I want the sun to come back is to ride my motorcycle.
I don't want to drag my knee on the pavement with zero traction.
I don't like skidding out of control it is mortifying.


Hello World!!!! We finally meet!!! I finally got my
hands on linux!!!This is the begining of a beautiful friendship.
I can't wait to deploy my Linux skills and show the world.
I have a good feeling about my relationship with Linux.
It is already going really well. I hope it is going to pay off.


My dogs name is teddy. He is awesome!!!!!! He loves to bark and
eat and run!!! He is a really cute dog. There is no other dog on
the planet like him. He has been my best friend since he was a puppy.
He is a very loyal and caring dog. He is really old and limps now,
but he has the Charisma of a young dog.

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