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In the unlikely event that you don't already know,
the Switch is Nintendo's pioneering hybrid console,
giving you the best of the home and handheld
console worlds in one convenient package.
It's the first gaming system through which you
can start playing a game on the big screen in
your lounge, then grab the console, slot
in the controllers and continue playing on
the bus or train.


I have the TriForce
Soon you will be gone
Courage, wisdom, and power
Will attack you at dawn
My courage is strong
My wisdom is bright
My power is mighty
You will be destroyed by my light
you see Ganondorf
When you return
I will have the Triforce
And you will burn
For I am the Hero of Time
To conquer evil is my fate
But for you
It's too late


Hey, My name is Philip Tiamson and I just wanted to share a little about me,
I was born in Fairfax, VA and am 94% Filipino, 4% Spanish, and 2% Chinese.
I would like to say that I'm an introvert, but many people would say otherwise,
as when I'm in a comfortable environment, a wild and fun side of me opens up.
I played baseball all my life and was about to go to a D1 school to play, but
the only offer that I had left after my surgery was from a school in Texas and
boy do I hate the heat.
I was obese when I was in elementary school and most of my friends would
make fun of how slow and lathargic I was.  I took all that hatred and decided
to change my life by exercising hard.  I slowly but surely lost weight and even
became one of the most fit in my class by senior year.  I had a 5:21 mile time,
power cleaned 200, and set a record for box jumps in a minute.  Since then
I have taken on olympic weightlifting.  This requires much technique, skill,
and dedication, which made me think of the good ole' days of playing baseball.

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