File1, 2, & 3 for pstojanovic:


ng Outlines and web directories, find a vim tutorial you like and get comfortable using it.   (93)


e vi to edit files in your home directory named File1, File2, and File3, each with at least three well-formatted paragraphs from a text, novel, article or your own poetry, prose, or blog. Make each line of text a max of 75 characters wide. Set the permissions for each of these files to 600, readable by only yourself and root.   (328)


ke a directory named Outlines in your home directory and edit the topic for your brief on the 1st line of a file named Brief1 in the Outlines directory. Nothing else is required in the file for Part 1 but line 2 should be left empty if there is. The file should be 'plain text', with no HTML.   (293)

3 lines are longer than 80 characters!