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Afrobeat is a music genre that involves the combination of elements of West
African music by incorporating elements of traditional Yoruba Music and Ghanian
highlife with the Western sounds of jazz, funk, and soul. Afrobeat was invented
by Fela Kuti. His experimentations with various pan-African sounds and
exploration of African American music led to the creation of the genre, which
lead to a massive Afrobeat craze in Lagos and throughout Nigeria and West
Africa. His musice was inspired by the Black Panther movement, with lyrics
that were infused with social and political critique, as well as Nigerian
proverbs. Fela encouraged his people to regain their self-reliance and self-
pride. Now, Afrobeat has increased its audience and even taken on new forms; a
rich blend of culture and tradition. Like, Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa
Savage and so on. Technology has changed the way people listen to artists that
are from within the style of Afrobeat.


Burna Boy is one of the Afrobeat artists that have helped expand the Afrobeat
genre. He is a reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter. He has made Nigeria
proud with his trendy music and has won the hearts of many. He was born and
brought up in the Garden City of Port Hacourt by a wealthy family. Burna Boy
believes his music to be different from many others. Instead of Afrobeat, he
calls his music Afro Fusion which has the influence of Fela, Ninja Man, Buju
Banton, Super Cat and a few others. His songs are a combination of Afro Beats,
R&B, dancehall and hip-hop. Now a day, it is hard to come across musicians
who are able to deliver different kinds of music in a proper way, but Burna
has been able to do that. Some of his music touches controversial issues while
others are all about dancing and living the moment.

He has worked hard to make his mark in the Nigerian dancehall scene and his
efforts have not gone in vain. He has been able to secure a few awards and
nominations to his name. I will forever be a Burna Boy fan.


Tiwatope Savage-Balogun better known by her stage name Tiwa Savage is another
Afrobeat artist that have help expand the Afrobeat genre. Born in Ikeja,
the capital of Lagos State, she is not only a brilliant singer, but she also
writes songs, perform, and acts in the movies and music videos. She can do
anything - she is a woman of multiple talents. Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun known
professionally as Wizkid is another artist that helped expand the Afrobeat
genre. Everyone who lives in Nigeria knows that Wizkid is a national superstar
who has made the country proud on numerous occassions. The singer has its of
fans who support him through thick and thin, and he has been awarded for his
outstanding achievements multiple times. He achieved international success
in 2016 when he recorded a song in collaboration with the worldwide famous
singer Drake. Of course, both Tiwa Savage and Wizkid did not achieve all of
their fame, money, and success in one night. Just like any other celebrity,
they had to work hard without breaks. If you have the time, listen to my
culture music.

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