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Many experts says that social media is for connecting with people and not for
bussiness, but at this point, you are going to want to leverge the connection
you make, so social media has became the best way to make your business success

social media has many advantages these days and one of them is making money
using socal media so example having an anfuluencer to make a new product

also each company these days has to have social media accounts in each media to
be known from the cummunity


A sponsored social media post when a company engaged an anfluencer to make
content fealuring the brand it could be one post, two posts, or more and share
with their followers.

The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and
youtube have been take over the world in many ways that nobody would guess
these sites help communicate with friends and familes.

social networ website has became more important socity, social media can
change a person's life in postive way such as opening a new shop using social


Social media provides potential customers with an easy and low - commitment
way to express interest in  business and products.Lead generation is such
an important advantage for business of social media

A lot of your activity and profiles on social media sites can also be made
public, so anyone around the world.

meaning they can be indexed by search engines — another way to make sure that
your business or organization is the answer when someone is looking for
for a solution to a problem.

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