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Today  was amazing very productive. I woke up at 3 am and read
some books, watched some motivational videos, and listened to some audio
books. I love starting my days like this because I get a lot done. I get
a lot done in such a short amount of time which allows me to do whatever
I want throughout my day. Some say you are at your most optimal performance
at the beginning of the day. I believe that is very much so.

IF you want to get ahead in life you have to do what the failures wont do.
That means getting up earlier and going to bed later. This is what it takes
to accomplish your dream. By working on yourself. Success is attracted by
the person you become that is why it is important to work on your self.

After my productive morning I carried that momentum with me toward the
rest of my day. I went to class the gym and now I am writing this.
I cant wait to finsih doing this that way I have time to develope myself.
I love to strive for atleast  4 hours of personal development. Which I
believe everyone should do.


This document will tell you how to get ahead on life and how so many people
are successful in life. What makes their crop different from ours? It rains
on theirs like it rains on ours. What makes them so consistent in what they
do? What allows them to reap the benefits we all dream about.

It starts with the mindset. In order to become successful you must attract
success. If you have a goal or dream you want to accomplish you must have
intense desire to achieve that goal. You must see yourself already
accomplishing your dream that way you have something to work toward. Along
with that you must have huge amounts of faith.

Faith in yourself that you have what it takes to make it to that end goal
no matter what obstacles or opportunites come about. These are the first
steps toward acheiving your dreams. Once you've developed a plan you must
then take action.


In this file we will talk about why you should be investing your money.
The government makes money in the market, the central banks make money from
this market, and fiancial institutions. Why not us, why can't we take
advantage of the opportunites? There are three financial markets we can
invest our money in and they are the foreign exhange, stock, and
cryptocurrency markets.

The foreign exhange market is the biggest and averages 6 trillion dollars
a day. Foreign exchange currency pairs are traded in this market. The
market is open 24/7 and nowadays retail traders (you and me) can take
advantage of the opportunites that are presented everyday. In tis market
since you're a trader you can by or sell at any given moment.

The next market is the stock market. this market makes billions but is
only open from 9-5pm. In this market you can only buy a portion of the
corporation and hope the that they perform well which in return will
benefit your investment. But voliality in this market can get effected
by market cycles and fundamentals. Cyrpto is up in coming and it is advised
you do research on the currency you're interested in.

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