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Apple led the gains in tech, rising 4%A. The stock got a boost as several
Wall Street analysts hiked thei price targets on the tech giant.
That gain came a day after the stock rose more than 3% following a stock
split that appears to be causing investors to snap up the shares.

Walmart shares climed more than 6% after the retailer announced it would
launch its own membership program, Walmart+, later this month.

Shares of Zoom Video jumpes 40.8% after reporting another blowout quater.
The video conferencing company's revenue more than quadrupled
in the fiscal second quater compared to a year ago.


Apple is planning to hold an event in the latter half of October that will see
the unveiling of the iPhone 12 models, Apple Watch Series 6, and
long-rumored AirTags, according to a report from Japanese site Mac Otakara.
Apple in late July confirmed that this year's iPhones are going to be a little
bit late, launching a "few weeks later" than the normal September timeframe.
The iPhone 12 lineup is expected to be released at some point in October,
and the delay has led to speculation and uncertainty about
when Apple might hold its annual fall event.

The iPhone unveiling event normally takes place in the first or second week
of September, and it's not clear if Apple will hold the event in its usual
timeframe and then delay the launch of the iPhones
until October for the unveiling.

Mac Otakara's information contradicts information shared by leaker
Jon Prosser, who has suggested Apple plans to unveil the
Apple Watch and new iPads via press release in September and then hold an
event in October for the iPhones. Apple has never decoupled iPhone and
Apple Watch launches, so there has been some skepticism about this prediction.


Microsoft pushes out KB4023057 yet again to force Windows 10 feature updates
Many of the updates and patches Microsoft releases for Windos 10 prove to be
unpopular usually because of the new problems they can introduce.
But with the KB4023057 update, people have another reason to
consider avoding instaling it.

KB4023057 has been pushed out by Microsoft several times before, and the
company has just started to push it again. The aim of the patch is to
address issues that have been preventing some people from upgrading
to newer versions of Windows 10, and also override any blocks that
users have put in place to stop feature updates from being installed.
The problem is that there are many people with good reason to stick with
an older Windows 10, but KB4023057 is ready to ride roughshod over such plans.

Having made a conscious choice to avoid upgrading to the latest build of
Windows 10, anyone installing KB4023057 will be disappointed to find
that the patch ultimately results in build 2004 being installed.
The update applies to many builds of Windows 10.

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